Last update: February 26, 2014    

The Atkinson Garden Club presents “A Tribute to The National Parks”, a Patriotic Standard Flower Show, at the Kimball Public Library, 5 Academy Avenue, Atkinson, NH.  The show is open to the public on Friday, June 13, 2014 from 1:00 – 8:00 pm and on Saturday, June 14 from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.  For more information, contact Susan Miner at 603-303-6385.

The following pictures are from the 2014 Farm & Forest Expo held at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH.  NHFGC members helped at the Governor's Lilac and Wildflower Commission booth.

(L to R standing) Jackie Dempsey (Derry GC), Catherine Persson (Atkinson GC), Susan Ashooh (Manchester GC), Guy Guinta (Gov.'s Lilac &Wildflower Commissioner), Sylvia Mace (Derry GC), Blanche Garone (Derry GC President), Paul Lynch (Derry GC).  (kneeling) Barbara Rollins (NHDOT Roadside Development Dept.)

Derry Garden Club members Jackie Dempsey, Paul Lynch, Blanche Garone, and Sylvia Mace manned the booth.

Susan Ashooh, a member of the Manchester Garden Club, helped at the booth. 

Members of the public enjoyed the display of lilac pictures.  The unframed pictures were for sale. 


These pictures were entries over the years in the annual Lilac Photo Contest.  There were also bouquets of lilacs for visitors to enjoy.

Congratulations to the NHFGC clubs that won awards at the meeting of the New England Region (NER) of National Garden Clubs in Westbrook, CT on October 15, 2013!

Award #15A.  Kenney/Colton Horticulture Award to Hooksett Garden Club for their section of horticulture in their Standard Flower Show “Petals and Poems”. This comes with a $25 check!

Award # 21A. Maureen Colton Award to Hooksett Garden Club for their class of designs, “The Village Blacksmith,” in their Standard Flower Show “Petals and Poems”. This comes with a $50 check!

Yearbook Awards:
Club 30-44 members: 1st to Atkinson Garden Club
Club 70-99 members: 1st to Old Homestead Garden Club
Club 100-299 members: 1st to Mountain Garden Club

Publicity Pressbooks:
Small Club (29 members and under): 2nd to Sandown Garden Club
Medium Club (30 - 99 members): 2nd to Derry Garden Club
Large Club (100 members or more): HM to Mountain Garden Club

Congratulations and thank you to all clubs and members that submitted applications for the awards!

Awards Presented at the NHFGC's 80th Fall Conference at The Rocks Estate in Bethlehem, NH on Sept. 18, 2013

A beautiful fall day was enjoyed by 87 attendees at the Rocks Estate, a Christmas tree farm owned by the Society for the Preservation of NH Forests.  The theme of "Buzzing Into Fall" gave NHFGC President Michelle Mensinger an opportunity to talk about her Mason bees project.  The program, "Flowers of Yesteryear", was presented by Nigel Manley, the director at the Rocks.  Awards for flower shows held in 2012 were presented at this meeting.  They are:

Award 1.A.c Lilac and Pink Rosette for a show scoring 85 or above - Old Homestead Garden Club, Standard Flower Show "Come to the Fair”
Award 1.A.d Lilac and Purple Rosette for a show scoring 90 or above - Ashland Garden Club, Standard Flower Show "Books in Bloom” 
Award 2.A Lilac and Blue Rosette for the highest scoring show in the state - Hooksett Garden Club, Standard Flower Show "Petals and Poems” 
Award 2.B Lucy Schram Staging Award for highest scoring staging in a show– Mary Ann Williams, Old Homestead Garden Club
Award 2.C Jolly Gardner Schedule Award for the highest scoring schedule for a Standard Flower Show – June Kunz, Old Homestead Garden Club
Award 2.D Mary E. Stone Rosette for the highest scoring Special Exhibit in a Standard Flower Show – Hooksett Garden Club, “Easy to Grow”
Award 2.E Virginia Koppenhaver Table Design Award for the highest scoring table design –  Dian Mathews, Old Homestead Garden Club,  “Let’s Have a Picnic” Functional Table
Award 2.F Joanne L. Krause Award for the Flower Show Chairman of the highest scoring flower show – Nan Veilleux, Hooksett Garden Club
Award 2.G Ann Seibel Silver Bowl, Arranger of the Year Award for the highest scoring design in a Standard Flower Show – Nan Veilleux, Hooksett Garden Club,  “The Village Blacksmith”

Two NHFGC General Awards were also presented ...
Award 1.a – largest # of members present at May Annual Meeting to the Old Homestead Garden Club

Award 1.b – highest % of members present at May Annual Meeting to the Old Homestead Garden Club

Judy Guyette, President of Old Homestead Garden Club, accepts an award for the club from Susan Miner, NHFGC Awards Chair

Dian Mathews received the "Virginia Koppenhaver Table Design Award" for her Functional Table design in the class “Let’s Have a Picnic”

Chairmen for Hooksett Garden Club's Standard Flower Show "Petals and Poems" (l - r): Nancy Barrett (entries), Nancy Berardi (staging), Tina Paquette (judges), Karrissa Taylor (placement), and Nan Veilleux (general chair).

Karrissa Taylor, District II Director, accepts the Mary E. Stone Rosette for the highest scoring Special Exhibit in a Standard Flower Show, from Susan Miner.

Nan Veilleux receives the Joanne L. Krause award, a sterling silver hat-shaped pin, for wearing the "hat of the chairman" of the state's highest scoring flower show in 2012. 

The Arranger of the Year Award, the Ann Seibel Silver Bowl, went to Nan Veilleux (r) of the Hooksett Garden Club for her arrangement "The Village Blacksmith" (l).  

Michelle Mensinger Installed as 2013-2015 NHFGC State President

Michelle Mensinger of Derry was installed as the 2013-2015 State President of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. (NHFGC) at the 80th annual meeting held on May 29th at the Keene Country Club.  Mensinger is a former Derry Garden Club President and has served on the NHFGC Board of Directors for a number of years in various capacities, most recently as a Vice-President.  Mensinger also served on the National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC) Board as Endangered Species Chair for four years and continues to serve as Wildlife/Birds/Butterflies Chair on the Board of the New England Region of National Garden Clubs.  She is an NGC-certified Master Flower Show Judge and has won a number of blue ribbons and special awards at flower shows held all over New England, including the New England Flower Show that is held annually in Boston, MA.  Mensinger's theme for her 2013-2015 administration is "BEE Aware, BEE Concerned, BEE a Friend to Pollinators!" promoting public awareness of the need to protect the pollinators of our flowers, vegetable gardens and fruit orchards.  The Derry Garden Club hosted a lovely "President's Reception" in Michelle's honor on June 12th at the Robert Frost Farm in Derry where Michelle has spent countless hours over the years working with children and other Derry Garden Club members planting and tending the gardens there.  Approximately 50 people attended the event, representing member garden clubs from all around the state.
Congratulations Michelle!  We wish you an enjoyable and productive term as our State President!

   Michelle Mensinger at one of the gardens at the Robert Frost Farm during the reception celebrating the start of her Presidency of the NHFGC.

“Monadnock Memories” Was Indeed Memorable

  District III did a superb job of hosting the 80th Annual Meeting at the Keene Country Club located in Keene, NH on May 29, 2013. One hundred members attended this year’s annual meeting which included a lovely luncheon, the Installation of the 2013-2015 slate of officers and a floral program by Old Homestead Garden Club member Virginia Grand Pre’. Within Ginny’s program, entitled “Life, Love and Laughter in Flowers” she reflected on certain periods of her life and interpreted them in flowers. The officers’ installation was officiated by Joyce Kimball, 2011-2013 New England Region Director who performed an installation ceremony utilizing references to “Nature’s Little Creatures”, relating to 2013-2015 State President Michelle Mensinger’s love and great knowledge of birds and butterflies. John Bruni (a.k.a. DeDe Warren’s husband) presented an interesting and educational program about the Mountain Garden Club’s recent Rain Garden Project. NHFGC, NER and NGC Awards were presented by NHFGC Awards Chair Sue Miner, NGC Publicity Press Book Awards were presented by PPB Chair Joyce Kimball and Membership Awards were presented by Michelle Mensinger, Membership Chair. In addition to giving out awards for new membership, etc., Michelle announced the good news that the Manchester Garden Club had recently re-joined the Federation after many years. Their 60 members will be included within District II at their request. Welcome Manchester Garden Club! A moving memorial service was held earlier in the day lead by President Urdi with the Club Presidents lighting candles in memory of members lost over the past two years. The Life Membership Chair announced the four members receiving the distinction of NHFGC Life Membership: Susan Zimmerman and Martha Zimmerman of the Old Homestead Garden Club and Judy Motta and Bertha Donovan from the Derry Garden Club. Newly installed President Michelle Mensinger gave a warm and inspiring acceptance speech, thanking all those who came before her for making the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs the fine organization it is today and pledging to continue on that path. President Mensinger then asked for our members’ support in that effort, for the benefit of all.

Joyce Kimball, NHFGC Publicity Chairman


Members browsing the displays (Ways & Means, Pressbooks and Scrapbooks, and Poster Contest)


Installation of New Officers


Awards to District IV Clubs (above and below)



Awards to District I and III clubs


Some "lighter" moments during the meeting.


The following awards were presented to members of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs (NHFGC) at their 80th annual meeting held at the Keene Country Club on May 29, 2013.

State Awards:

#2.A –" Barbara Colp Garden Therapy Award" – Old Homestead Garden Club

#8 – "Joyce A. Kimball Horticulture Award" – Derry Garden Club

#16 – "Take a Child by the Hand Award" – Derry Garden Club

#22 –" Diane McMillen Membership Award" – Sandown Garden Club

Yearbook/Program Book,  Award #19:

Small/Medium size club:  1st – Atkinson*, 2nd    New Hampton, 3rd   Fitzwilliam, and Honorable Mention – Goffstown Community Garden Club

Medium size club:  1st – Peterborough, 2nd – Derry, and 3rd-Ashland

Medium/Large size club:  1st – Old Homestead Garden Club* (Keene Area)

Large size club:  1st – Mountain Garden Club (Mt. Washington Valley)

 *Atkinson,  Old Homestead and Mountain also received 1st Place Regionally in their size categories. 

Historical Club Scrapbook, Award #14:

Small size club:  1st - Fremont

Small/Medium size club:  1st – Bow, 2nd    Pasquaney, 3rd   New Hampton, and Honorable Mention – Fitzwilliam and  Goffstown Community Garden Clubs

Medium size club:  1st – Atkinson, 2nd – Derry, and 3rd  – Windham                                                                                     

Medium/Large size club:  1st – Opechee (Lakes Region) and 2nd – Old Homestead (Keene Area)

Large size club:  1st – Mountain Garden Club (Mt. Washington Valley)

Publicity Press Books, NGC Award #44:

Small Club Size: NHFGC 1st  & NER  2nd – Sandown; NHFGC 2nd – Hooksett

Medium Club Size: NHFGC 1st & NER 2nd – Derry; NHFGC 2nd – Atkinson; NHFGC 3rd  - Old Homestead

Large Club Size: NHFGC 1st  & NER Honorable Mention -  Mountain; NHFGC 2nd – New London


NHFGC Award #11-"Order of the Purple Finch: Awarded once per two-year term by secret ballot of the NHFGC Executive Board to an outstanding member of the NH Federation for continued service.". This year the award was presented to Joyce Kimball of the Bow Garden Club. Kimball served as District II Director in 2003-2005,NHFGC President 2006-2009 and NHFGC Publicity Chairman from 2003 to the present time. Kimball recently stepped down as New England Region Director at the close of the 2011-2013 term on May 26th.

NHFGC Award#13 -"President's District Bowl: Presented each year to the club having most advanced the objectives of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. and National Garden Clubs, Inc. during the previous year as determined by the State President "This year's recipient was District I which includes the Ashland, Littleton, Mountain (Conway area), New Hampton and Pasquaney (Bristol area) Garden Clubs.                                                                                                                           

NHFGC Award  #15 - "Silver Seal Award: Awarded to a club member, individual, institution or organization (other than a garden club) for special contribution to the work of a local garden club".

Atkinson:  Pat Bennett for her floral design leadership, service as club president and membership chairman, chairman of our recent flower show, and leadership in growing our club membership including male members for the first time.

Derry:  Their webmaster, for designing and maintaining a wonderful web site for our club to stay informed of our activities.

Hooksett:  Tina Paquette most notably for her seven years as Bow Chairman for the club’s annual wreath sale, our major fund raiser.

Mountain:  Marcia Burchstead for serving in several roles including Horticulture Chair and Publicity.

New Hampton:  Phyllis Schofield for serving a third year as President, thereby helping to keep the leadership and morale of the Club going for another successful year. 

Old Homestead:  Virginia Grand Pre' for serving in the club, state, region and nation in so many ways, from chairing Flower Shows, to Birds & Butterflies, to Landscape Design, to arranging tours.  She is an Accredited Master Judge, Flower Show Schools Horticulture Instructor and NHFGC Flower Show Schools Credentials Chairman.

 National Garden Clubs, Inc., Awards: 

GROW (Gain Membership by Reaching Out Welcoming All) membership  awards to Ashland, Atkinson, Bow, Claremont, Derry, Fitzwilliam, Goffstown Community, Littleton, Mountain, New Hampton,  New London, Old Homestead, Opechee, Pasquaney, Peterborough, Sandown and Windham.

NGC President’s Project Awards:

Planting in Public and Special Places:  Participation certificate – Atkinson, Hooksett, and Mountain. Hooksett  placed 3rd regionally.

Protecting Our Aquatic Ecosystems:  Participation certificate - Atkinson, and Mountain. Mountain  placed 1st in the Large Club category regionally.

Publication #13 – 1st place -  Mountain,  for their membership brochure

Yearbook # 16:  1st in Small/Medium size – Atkinson, 1st in Medium/Large size – Old Homestead and  1st place Large size - Mountain

Website #63:  Award of Merit – Mountain

Poetry Contest for Kindergarten – Ninth Grade (Certificates of Participation) : “Protecting Our Aquatic Friends” – Bow Garden Club (Poems submitted on behalf of two grandsons of member Joyce Kimball). Each received 2nd Place in their age category among New England entries.

NGC Standard Flower Show Awards:

Award 5.B for club size 21 – 49 to Hooksett

Award 5.C for club size 50 – 99 to Old Homestead

Award 57A for a show in a public building to Ashland


Nine members of the New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs (NHFGC), Inc. entered the 2013 New England Spring Flower and Garden Show held in Boston at the Seaport World Trade Center from March 14th - 16th.  This year's theme was "Seed of Change", bringing new concepts in landscape and floral designs to the exhibition.  NHFGC floral arrangers received the following recognition:
Design Division 1 - (see pictures below)
March 13 entry:    Class 104 - Joanne Krause (Atkinson Garden Club) - 3rd Place
March 15 entries: Class 101 - Fern Doucette (Ashland Garden Club) - 3rd Place
                                 Class 102 - Carol Weiss (Claremont Garden Club) - 2nd Place
                                                   - Michelle Mensinger (Derry Garden Club) - Honorable Mention
                                 Class 103 - Susan Schiltgen Johnson (Bow Garden Club) - 3rd Place
                                                   - Judy Gray (Ashland Garden Club) - Honorable Mention and a top GCA Zone 1 Award
                                                     (a traveling silver bowl) for being "creatively conceived and masterfully constructed"
                                                     ... a first for NH!
                                 Class 104 - Tracey Burhoe (Ashland Garden Club) - 2nd Place
                                 Class 106 - Linda Paré (Ashland Garden Club) - 2nd Place with a score of 90+
                                                   - Gail Bartlett (Peterborough Garden Club) - 3rd Place

       Fern Doucette's "Square Meal", an Angular design.

   Carol Weiss' "Prest-O Change-O", an Armature design.

    Michelle Mensinger's "Prest-O Change-O", an Armature design.

   Susan Schiltgen Johnson's "Drop Dead Gorgeous" a Creative Color Harmony design.

        Judy Gray with her "Drop Dead Gorgeous", a Creative Color Harmony design.

                      Tracey Burhoe with her "Goody Goody Gumdrops", a Hanging Type I design.

            Linda Paré with her "Smoke & Mirrors", a Reflective Creative design. 

     Gail Bartlett's "Smoke & Mirrors", a Reflective Creative design.


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