2019 Public Gardening Events in and around New Hampshire

Mar 29 -30
(Fri - Sat)
Atkinson Garden Club holds their 8th Petals and Palettes Show at the Atkinson Country Club in Atkinson, NH.  his show is held every other year and has become a local harbinger of Spring for the community.  There are entries in all art mediums, jewelry, wood crafts, and textile creations that then have a floral interpretation designed for it by members of the District IV clubs.  Come to the show to see all the beautiful entries and designs!  For more info, please contact Marnie Finn at mfinn111@comcast.net or 603-362-7600.  
Apr 15 (Mon)
10:30am - 1pm
Mountain Garden Club's Lunch & Learn program with Jamie Colen presenting "My Approach to Working with Nature".  Jamie Colen is the garden Director, Horticulturist and Entomologist at Fuller Gardens in North Hampton, NH.  His approach is that we need to work with nature, not against it.  Too often, we do not take the time to observe nature enough to understand the balance.  This is true with repect to peststhat are often maligned and treated with harsh chemicals that upset the predator/prey balance.
He insists that careful observation can help gardeners avoid bad choices. Soil makeup and care is of massive importance - we should not look at soil at simply being a sponge that holds water.  Soil is teeming with life forms and their role must be understood in order for plants to thrive.  Feed the soil so the soil feeds the plants.  Jamie has been a rose consultant for the City of Boston and speaks frequently to garden clubs across New England.  This program will be held at The Red Fox Bar & Grill Restaurant in Jackson, NH.  ADVANCE RESERVATIONS REQUIRED and must be received by April 5, 2019.  Price: $25 members / $27 non-members.  Contact Cindy Katsapetses for reservations (cindywassk@gmail.com or 781-710-6400). 
Jun 1 (Sat)
9:30am - sold out
Mountain Garden Club's Annual Spring Plant Sale will be held at the North Conway Community Center in North Conway, NH.  Their plant sale is loved by all plant enthusiasts, aswell as by those newly discovering the joys of gardening!  It features specially cultivated perennial plants and small shrubs carefully dug from the gardens of MGC members and nurtured to be ready for sale.  Also offered are Club-crafted planter baskets and nurtured annuals.  Often the prices are even slightly lower than at garden centers!  Doors open at 9:30am; come early for all the best selections!  The North Conway Community Center is right on the main street, Routes 16 and 302, near the corner of Norcross Circle. 
Jun 29 (Sat)
10am - 4pm
The Mountain Garden Club's Annual Gift to the Valley - Art in Bloom - is a Walking Tour of Jackson Village (NH) for Floral Interpretations of Art!  Through the Covered Bridge, creativity abounds in various public buildings all within a walking distance (of course, parking is available at each location).  Start at any of the eight marked sights and pick up a map with list of exhibits, stop at a local restaurant for lunch, and enjoy floral designs created by MGC members to evoke the spirit of an accompanying work of art.  Exhibits are open fro 10am to 4pm; refreshments are offered at the Whitney Community Center from 11am til 3pm; and floral design will be demonstrated at 11:30am.  

2020 Public Gardening Events in and around New Hampshire

11am - Business
1pm - Program